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Shaping the future of in-orbit servicing

Life extension platforms with a newspace approach

IO Servicers extend the operational lifetime of in-orbit GEO telecommunication satellites. Satellite fleet management optimisation solutions.

Our Mission

OrbitGuard 1, our first generation Servicer, has been successfully launched and is now the first commercial nanosatellite operating in Geostationary Orbit (GEO)

OrbitGuard is an autonomous navigation system capable of both far and near range navigation for satellite Rendezvous. It can handle SSA and Inspection Missions.


We use new space technology and advanced tracking and navigation software to provide turn key services, giving satellite operators new options in orbital slot, asset, and fleet management at lower costs.


Infinite Orbits provides Life Extension Services for GEO satellites, to support our customers in their fleet management decisions.


With resident space objects posing an ever-increasing threat to operating satellites, Space Situational Awareness has become a

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