Autonomus GNC

Infinite Orbits’ Autonomous Vision-based Rendezvous Software makes space navigation, rendezvous with target and docking easier and more precise. Our in-house sensors provide the required computational power to unleash the full potential of our cutting-edge vision-based GNC software, enabling IO ‘Servicer’ to rely completely on real-time autonomous decision-making. The Software is developed on a self-learning neural network which optimizes itself over multiple missions and contributes to a sustainable space ecosystem by reducing the need for costly human intervention.


Introducing OrbitGuard: the premier commercial In-Situ Surveillance sensor for GEO. Fueled by our innovative Autonomous Vision-Based Navigation Software, we offer exceptional Object Monitoring & Tracking and Space Situational Awareness services. Trust the OrbitGuard fleet to deliver swift threat assessments.
Leveraging Infinite Orbits’ advanced Rendez-Vous technology, OrbitGuard Satellites excel at close-up inspections and autonomous maneuvers.


Discover “Endurance” – Infinite Orbits’ premier satellite life-extension vehicle. Powered by our cutting-edge Autonomous Vision-Based Navigation Software, we deliver affordable and efficient Life-Extension Services for GEO satellites, empowering our clients to optimize their fleet management renewal strategies.
Revitalize your assets with Endurance, designed to extend mission lifetimes and transform cumbersome capital investments into seamless operational services. Benefit from a five-year extension, and potentially a full AOCS takeover, until your satellite reaches its graveyard orbit.
Elevate your space operations with Endurance, the ultimate solution for satellite life extension by Infinite Orbits.