First-of-its-kind highly mobile satellite to be launched to GEO for the testing of Autonomous Vision-based Navigation and Rendezvous capabilities.

April 21th, 2023: US-based Gravity Space LLC and France-based Infinite Orbits SAS are launching a first-of-its-kind GEO small sat mission on 26th April 2023 7.29 pm ET with objectives that include demonstrating Autonomous Vision-based rendezvous capabilities (Orbit Guard™ #1).

Today, the GEO Satellite market is seeing major changes in reaction to increasing competition from satellite constellations. Orbit Guard™ #1 is the first commercially operated satellite of this size in GEO and is paving the way for at least two more GEO missions in 2024 & 2025. Infinite Orbits is building and testing its next-generation patented computer vision capabilities: ‘Autonomous Vision-based Rendezvous GNC System’. This technology will enable cost-effective and safe satellite operations for in-orbit servicing.

“This mission is a stepping stone for future In-Orbit Services, as of yet, no companies have demonstrated technologies to perform cost effective In-Orbit Servicing Operations” says Adel Haddoud, CEO of Infinite Orbits.

Infinite Orbits is commercializing GEO in-orbit servicing missions including Orbit Guard™, a small size servicer meant for inspection and SSA, and “Endurance™”, a docking-capable servicer meant for life extension and orbit transfer services scheduled for first operation in 2026. Orbit Guard™ #1 is scheduled to perform LEOP within the first few weeks after launch and then move to perform several demonstration missions across the GEO arc in the upcoming months.

About Gravity Space

Gravity Space is a U.S.-based Satellite Operator, with years of experience in geostationary satellite design and operations, and space communication technologies.

About Infinite Orbits

Infinite Orbits is a France-based in-orbit servicing provider that designs and operates satellites to provide in-orbit services to satellite operators.

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