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Aalborg, 20 June 2023 – ION-X, a rapidly emerging player in the small-sat ion thruster market, and
Infinite Orbits, a well-established space company focusing on in-orbit servicing, are thrilled to
announce their strategic collaboration with Space Inventor, a leading European manufacturer of
microsatellites and a service provider for in-orbit demonstration (IOD). Beyond the in-orbit
demonstration, this mission will contribute to the development of an autonomous debris avoidance
system, coupling Infinite Orbits navigation system with ION-X manoeuvrability solution. The
partnership involves individual contracts signed between each company and Space Inventor, bringing
together their expertise and capabilities for the advancement of satellite technologies.

“Adel Haddoud, CEO of Infinite Orbits (Left) and Thomas Hiriart, CEO of ION-X (right)
at “Assises du New Space”, Paris July 6th, 2023″.

As part of the agreement, Infinite Orbits will be validating its Vision Based Autonomous navigation
camera directly in Low Earth Orbit. This would be the incremental version of the technology launched
and tested in May 2023 on-board Orbit Guard 1. Specific LEO compatible GNC will be developed and
tested for this purpose.
ION-X will fly their electric propulsion thruster on-board the Space Inventors EDISON spacecraft to
demonstrate its state-of-the-art performances, in terms of thrust, fuel efficiency and operability. The
EDISON mission is one of a series of demonstration missions, aiming at fully qualifying ION-X product,
before scaling its commercialization for satellite constellations by 2025.
The EDISON Satellite is scheduled for launch in the second half of 2024 and is a mission under the
European Space Agency’s Pioneer program, dedicated to supporting the development of emerging
satellite communications technologies and services.
The collaboration between ION-X, Infinite Orbits, and Space Inventor will focus on comprehensive
testing, demonstration, and verification of the seamless integration, operational ease, and high performance capabilities of their respective equipment.

Adel Haddoud, CEO & Co-Founder of Infinite Orbits, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with
Space Inventor and ION-X on this LEO mission. Our joint efforts will advance our development for our
patented autonomous navigation system and accelerate the commercialization of services toward
satellite operators”.

Thomas Hiriart, CEO of ION-X, stated, “We are excited to collaborate with Space Inventor and Infinite
Orbits on this pioneering project. It will propel the development of our innovative ion thrusters for
small satellites, demonstrating the capability of our product to answer the current critical challenges
of the space industry. This project is another great example illustrating our vision to build solid
technical & programmatic partnerships with European leaders in spacecraft manufacturing”.

Karl Kaas, CEO of Space Inventor, said, “We are enthusiastic about providing IOD opportunities to IONX and Infinite Orbits. Our long-standing collaboration with Infinite Orbits and the addition of ION-X
with their innovative ionic liquid electrospray technology is a clear demonstration of our commitment
to supporting innovative solutions in the industry. The inclusion of these companies on board EDISON
aligns perfectly with ESA’s vision for the Pioneer program”.

About Infinite Orbits
Infinite Orbits is a French-owned company specializing in life extension services for GEO satellites
operated by communication satellite operators. Based in Toulouse (France), Infinite Orbits develops
and operates In-Orbit servicers to serve satellite operators across the world. Infinite Orbits has
developed unique capabilities in building small sats designed for in-orbit servicing using advanced
navigation technologies to perform near range navigation, inspection and docking based services. For
more information, visit

About ION-X
ION-X, also a French-owned company, founded in 2021 by CNRS and the start-up studio
Techno-founders and backed by Expansion and BPI France, is transforming a well-established ion source
technology, widely used for nano-etching since the 1990s, into an innovative space propulsion solution
to address the critical challenges of small satellite constellations. ION-X develops powerful, efficient
and scalable space mobility solutions based on their patented ionic liquid electrospray technology. For
more information, visit

About Space Inventor
Space Inventor is a satellite manufacturer specializing in providing modular and scalable micro satellites
ranging from 10 kg to 150 kg. Their platform emphasizes high performance, reliability, and innovation.
With a team boasting over 250 years of combined experience in the space industry, Space Inventor
aims to push the boundaries of satellite engineering and create beauty and innovation in space
technology. For more information, visit

For media inquiries, please contact:

ION-X Media Contact:
Thomas Hiriart
Phone: +33 6 31 89 46 52

Infinite Orbits Media Contact :
François Mazières
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Space Inventor Media Contact:
Astrid Kjeldal
Phone: +45 2627 0389