ESA/CNES/DLR/NASA & ONERA Organized seminar series in a joint Inter-Agency initiative, featuring Infinite Orbit on its cutting-edge approach on near-range satellite 

The Webinar Series is hosting Manos Koumandakis, Co-Founder and Chief Software Officer. Infinite Orbits is committed towards pushing the boundaries of satellite technology and revolutionizing the field of near-range satellite rendezvous algorithms.Through our multi-layer ground validation approach, the goal is to encompass high-fidelity simulation, hardware-in-the-loop testing, and validation in a robotic test bed in order to create an advantageous approach for near range satellites. 

In order to take advantage of a fast iterative approach, the validation is performed in three environments/stages, each with multiple design cycles. 

Stage 1: High-Fidelity Simulation

The utilization of high-fidelity simulation is at the heart of Infinite Orbits’ multi-layer ground validation approach. The goal is to construct a virtual playground that mimics real-world scenarios, laying the foundations for algorithm creation and optimization.

Stage 2: Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing in a Simulated Environment.

Infinite Orbits takes validation strategy a step further by including hardware-in-the-loop testing, building on the insights obtained from high-fidelity simulation. It is important including physical hardware components into the simulated environment, such as sensors, actuators, and controllers. This real-time connection between the algorithm and physical hardware that rendezvous algorithms perform best under realistic situations.

Stage 3:  Infinite Orbits enters the area of robotic test beds as the final level of the multi-layer ground validation strategy. He uses physical robotic systems to simulate the GEO environment, which allows to verify and improve rendezvous algorithms in a controlled yet realistic context. This hands-on approach provides essential insights into the difficulties presented by the complex dynamics of the GEO environment.

Infinite Orbits’ multi-layer ground validation approach, as presented by Manos, promises to revolutionize the field of near-range satellite rendezvous algorithms. It is an essential success factor for the  Endurance mission by enabling safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced satellite maneuvers in the vast expanse of space.Through high-fidelity simulation, hardware-in-the-loop testing, and validation in a robotic test bed, Infinite Orbits showcases their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in satellite operations.